Unolab is a leading Spanish company in the manufacture of monodose sterile products to third parties

Unolab offers products with Bottelpack de Rommelag ® technology quality. Additionally, we also have an expert team of professionals who guarantee a unique service and experience. All these facts has consolidated to Unolab to have been considered a benchmark into the European pharmaceutical sector.

The History of Unolab Manufacturing

Created in 2006, the company was established to cover an added value sterile monodose products demand

In the following years Unolab has had a solid growth based on product quality, customer service and the efforts to adapt to market needs. Firmly oriented to innovation, the company has integrated qualified professionals, and it has invested to provide strategic and sustained growth.

Unolab is now one of Europe’s leading monodose sterile products manufacturers , providing a turnkey service for formula development and the production of healthcare products and medications.

2006 - Launch of Unolab Manufacturing

Unolab was established to cover sterile monodose healthcare products demand in Blow Fill & Seal format

2007 - Licence to manufacture products for medical devices. First production line

Activity began on the first production line, and business started following the approval of the product licences

2008 - Start of production

Unolab was equipped with its first BFS production line. Start of production of sterile monodose formats

2009 - Licence to manufacture cosmetic products

Responsible Declaration of Activity for Manufacture and Import of Cosmetic Products. Cosmetic products licence was obtained for its manufacture, first production of this group of products was launched, expanding new business opportunities

2010 - Second production line

Due to a demand and opportunities in healthcare products growth, Unolab acquires a second BFS and doubles its production capacity. The company looked to Europe

2011 - UNE-EN ISO 13485 Licence to manufacture animal health products

Unolab obtains the strictest quality standards for healthcare products. A licence for veterinary products manufacture is obtained. Unolab established itself in a new market and business model

2012 - Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate

GMP licence is obtained. This is an important step in terms of quality, positioning it in the market as a manufacturer of medicaments

2013 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

As result of different agreements, Unolab started to manufacture medications

2014 - R&D+i for customer formulas

At the beginning of the year, Unolab started to invest in its laboratory and factory expansion that, in addition with its services’ centralisation and its capacities increase, marked a significant turning point in the Unolab cycle

2015 - Third production line

The increasing demand for products, combined with a production resource planning, increased significantly Unolab production capacity in a short time. The third production line started operations during the year, maintaining delivery times and service levels within certain standards that are the hallmark of Unolab in the market

2016 - R&D+i Department

In 2016, Unolab began to invest in researching, designing and development teams cretations. In its continued support for high-level service provision, turnkey solutions were introduced to respond to market needs

2017 - Launch of Product Portfolio

The integration of new personnel and technical equipment responding to customer and market requirements for registering new products and forming a portfolio of ophthalmic and respiratory products to offer a more agile introduction to distribution customers

2018 - Arrival of the fourth production line

Continuing with the growing dynamics of the previous years since the company was established, a new production line was added, increasing capacity and meeting the sustained demand

2019 - Medication serialisation

In order to adapt itself to the new medical regulations, Unolab purchases a serialisation line that is included in the medicaments production line

2020 - New Unolab Manufacturing Plant

In 2020, Unolab will begin to move to a new manufacturing plant, which will provide greater productive capacity in response to the strategic line established by management