BFS - Blow / Fill / Seal

Each BFS process begins with the extrusion of a sterile polymer directly inside the installation. The recipient is then moulded, filled, sealed and released from the mould, all in a single process within a closed system and with no external involvement. This avoids costly logistics and long cleaning and sterilisation processes for prefabricated recipients

All filling processes, including the dosing system, are designed with CIP/SIP in mind. This means that all product feeding lines are cleaned, sterilised with pressurised steam and air dried through sterile filters, all using automatic programs. This makes bottle pack technology the safest aseptic filling method


The opened blow mould accepts the plastic extruded from the polymer. The main mould closes and simultaneously seals the bottom of the vial. The special mandrel unit sits above the neck area, shaping the extruded sleeve into a vial using compressed air and vacuum


The mandrel unit fills the vial with the product, which is precisely measured using the dosing unit


Once the special mandrel unit retracts the head mould closes and forms the required seal by vacuum

Benefits of the Process

  • ISO Class 5 conditions at the filling point
  • Fully automated blowing, filling and sealing in one process
  • Customisable in terms of different uses and dosage forms
  • Maximum reliability in the process and product. Sterile monodose formats
  • Formats from 0.2 ml to 10 ml